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Reliable and Stable

Anvil! Intelligent Availability

The Anvil! technology is enhanced virtualization software that integrates with a completely redundant hardware architecture to transform traditional hyper converged and high availability into next generation Intelligent Availability®.

Its Level-3 software converges compute, virtualization and storage into a single, intelligent server platform that runs autonomously. This self- aware software thinks for itself to predict and mitigate failures before they occur. The Anvil! will survive any component failure and even self-heal without interruption. This maximizes platform up-time to ensure uninterrupted, consistent server operation.

This resilient, self-managed platform can be deployed anywhere from the data center to the edge. 

4 Steps to Intelligent Availability

Drop-in Software

The Anvil! drop-in software is a unique combination of enterprise-class applications and utilities designed to deliver Intelligent Availability® and ease of use.  It’s made up of Alteeve’s own set of management tools, including monitoring utilities and an intuitive browser-based user interface. The Anvil! software is paired with Red Hat High Availability Add-On and Resilient Storage and LINBIT DRBD (software-based, replicated storage solution mirroring the content of block devices – such as hard disks – between hosts) to provide a robust and versatile software suite that is intuitive and easy to use.

It allows you to monitor and control virtually all aspects of the Anvil! platform. From the dashboard, users can monitor and manage nodes, resources and virtual machines.

The platform provides a completely redundant highly available pool of resources for greatest stability. Storage, CPU cores, memory and networking are configured with custom parameters into highly available virtual machines on which to build your mission-critical servers. The virtual machines support any modern operating system and provide you with the versatility and flexibility to consolidate all of your servers and applications. From the point of view of your servers and overlaying applications, they are running on standard hardware.

Taken together, the Anvil! software utilities offer the latest in Intelligent Availability® excellence.  It saves money (no software acquisition cost) and is flexible (supports any guest OS and unlimited VMs).  In addition, it is pre-configured to run on any modern x86 hardware so it saves time with easy deployments.

Blueprint For Intelligent Availability®

The system design blueprint has no single point of failure. It helps to ensure unprecedented high reliability and data integrity. This has allowed the Anvil! to deliver greater than 6 nines (>99.9999%) of historical uptime across all of its deployments.

The fully redundant hardware architecture is based on enterprise class x86 servers, replicated storage (across both compute nodes) and managed switches. Even power is redundant with network managed UPSs and PDUs. With multiple hardware redundancies, fail-safes and automated fail-over the Anvil! is so robust that most failures (even critical failures) will not result in any downtime.

The Anvil! blueprint is consistent across all deployments and removes the complexity from system design. The advanced hardware architecture is underpinned by the tightly integrated Anvil! software stack designed to provide a robust, virtual server platform.

Choose Your Hardware

The suite of Intelligent Availability® software and services can be combined with your choice of hardware. There is no vendor lock-in. The system is built on standard (“off-the-shelf”) x86 enterprise hardware with open source software.

The Design and Integration Team will assist in selecting and validating the hardware. The Anvil! software is constantly evolving to keep up with the ever- increasing requirements of the organizations that use it; and so ongoing validation is required.  This will ensure that the platform performs to design goals and specifications.


Alteeve’s post-deployment support programs ensure that the Anvil! is supported throughout the lifecycle of the product. Intelligent Availability® technology eliminates the need for most-all stack administration requirements allowing users to focus on business applications while the Anvil! takes care of the rest. This extends to the system monitoring and diagnostics as well.  Alteeve’s people and monitoring services have you covered.  Over a hundred system life points are monitored.  This utility monitors and reports on the health and wellness of all components in the Anvil! platform. Whenever components perform outside of normal parameters or when there is a status change within the Anvil! platform, the monitoring utilities will send an email alert.

Alert monitoring and support are available 24×7 for any interrupt regardless of cause until the issue is resolved.