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Addressing Critical Challenges with Advanced Availability Technology

By 24 October 2023November 14th, 2023No Comments

In today’s operational landscape, organizations face a range of critical challenges that demand effective solutions. Intelligent Availability® technology provides practical remedies to these issues, making it a valuable tool for businesses across diverse industries and sizes.

Challenge 1: Ensuring Uninterrupted Operations

Solution:   Intelligent Availability® technology offers a reliable solution for ensuring uninterrupted operations. It accomplishes this by prioritizing system-wide fault tolerance, ensuring that the entire platform is built with redundancy and fault tolerance in mind. This means that even in the face of hardware failures, the system can continue to function seamlessly, resetting the standard for availability and uptime. The technology is ideally suited for remote and air gapped deployments like marine freight where systems must survive even critical failures for extended periods.

Challenge 2: Autonomous Operation

Solution: Downtime can be costly and disruptive. Our technology addresses this challenge by offering self-managed, autonomous operation. The technology utilizes an intelligent decision engine to assess system-wide health in order to  mitigate interruptions and even self-repair without immediate human intervention. This feature ensures consistent performance and minimizes downtime risks, making it a crucial solution for businesses that rely on continuous operations such as production facilities and utilities.

Challenge 3: Proactive Threat Mitigation

Solution: Intelligent Availability® technology elevates the concept of High Availability. By employing intelligent software, it detects evolving threats and autonomously takes corrective actions to mitigate them. This proactive approach enhances overall system reliability, making it an effective solution for businesses concerned about operational continuity. It provides an ideal platform for emerging business with limited IT staff.

Challenge 4: Simplifying Complex Infrastructure

Solution: Many organizations struggle with complex infrastructure setups that increase operational complexity and introduce additional points of failure. Intelligent Availability® simplifies infrastructure by consolidating compute, storage, networking, power, and external monitoring. This consolidation reduces operational complexity and lowers the total cost of ownership, making it an ideal solution for organizations seeking streamlined and cost-effective infrastructure management. The platform is ideal for dedicated, hosted applications and services particularly with legacy software applications. 

Intelligent Availability® technology provides practical solutions to pressing operational challenges, such as ensuring uninterrupted operations, mitigating evolving threats, minimizing downtime risks, and simplifying infrastructure management. It is versatile and equally suited for most any environments including the data center, remote office, production floor, marine freight to name a few.