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All Runtime, No Downtime

By 6 February 2024No Comments

Are you curious about how to boost server uptime and reduce ICT infrastructure and administration costs?  Read on for some insight from one of our clients. 

Kaiser Permanente, recognizing the importance of business continuity, was concerned about reliability within its optical lab platforms. The existing setup lacked fault tolerance and automated failover capabilities, posing a risk of substantial costs and downtime in the event of server failures. Given the imperative nature of time and financial resources for Kaiser Permanente and numerous other businesses, they sought a solution and opted for The Anvil!

The Anvil! was not only selected for its ability to eliminate downtime due to server or hardware failures. With its Intelligent Availability® software, the Anvil! goes much further than typical high availability solutions. Intelligent Availability® software detects changing conditions and autonomously takes action to proactively mitigate against threats to server uptime.

Download the case study to learn how Kaiser Permanente implemented the Anvil! and Intelligent Availability® software in its facilities.