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Alteeve at iTech Conference

By 7 November 2017November 14th, 2023No Comments

Alteeve exhibited to enthusiastic attendees at the iTech Conference in downtown Toronto on November 2.   We were demonstrating our new Anvil! Intelligent Availability® software solution for the first time at this event.

Reaction to our exhibit and demonstration was very positive.  IT professionals from all areas of the industry were impressed with our software’s intelligence which sets it apart from other availability solutions in the market.  Difference making software features such as predictive failure analysis, proactive fault mitigation and autonomous operation left a lasting impression with visitors to the conference.  Most compelling was the value that these features deliver to users – simplified server administration, unprecedented levels of uptime and lower total cost of ownership.  It is these benefits that provide organizations with the competitive edge that they need to thrive in today’s markets.

The word on everybody’s lips at the conference was the Edge.  Demand is rising for micro data centers, designed to handle specific needs at distributed locations, due to increasing IoT workloads at the Edge. Technology product management leaders are looking for ways to follow this trend without increasing staffing levels at the Edge and lowering costs of ownership.  We demonstrated to these technology leaders the ways in which server platforms based on the Anvil! software are optimized for MDC workloads.

Our CTO – Madison Kelly – also spoke about the trend to the Edge during her presentation, “Watch the clouds, but keep your feet on the ground”.  Madison presented a balanced perspective on use cases for the cloud, especially as concerns availability.  Her message was that on-prem and hybrid solutions can complement a cloud strategy, effectively giving you the best of both worlds. This message really resonated with the audience who appreciated the fact based technical reasoning that Madison presented to support her position.

The tremendous level of engagement and knowledge sharing that took place at the conference showed that our technology roadmap is on strategy with key industry trends and that IT leaders are consistently seeking new/different ways to increase the value that IT delivers to their organizations.