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Maritime Autonomous Computing

By 29 January 2024No Comments

When confronted with an issue on a remote or air-gapped system, administrators may not always have the immediate ability to connect to or physically access the system.

This is where the Anvil! comes in. ICT expertise isn’t required when you choose a zero-touch Intelligent Availability® system such as the Anvil! because it manages itself. The Anvil! can survive hardware failures and other threat conditions for extended periods with zero downtime. All of this is beneficial when your servers are not within reach… and even when they are.

An example of servers not being within reach is in the maritime shipping industry. Our client, Equinox Maritime Ltd., needed a more robust high availability system than the one they were using. Additionally, one that was economical, reliable and created operating efficiencies. With the Anvil!, they were able to achieve all of these goals.

Download the case study to learn how Equinox Maritime implemented the Anvil! and Intelligent Availability software onboard its vessels.