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Checking Out The Tech at iTech

By 15 May 2018October 30th, 2023No Comments

The recent iTech conference and trade show in Toronto in which Alteeve participated featured a variety of new and emerging technologies. Technologies ranging from blockchain to e-commerce to networking and data center (and everything in between) were on display. Use cases ranged from on-premise to data center to remote locations. And each offered a solution to a different problem. One thing that all these technologies had in common was that they were all part of mission critical applications which simply must not fail.

The synergies between these technologies and Alteeve’s high availability platform – the Anvil! – were evident to many of the show’s visitors. They could easily tell that the Anvil! platform was unlike any that had come before or that were available in the market. Autonomous operation was the game changing feature that was mentioned over and over as central to Alteeve’s high availability platform’s value. The ability of the platform to think and act for itself (autonomous operation) preserves uptime by proactively scanning the system to identify and repair problems before they take the operation off line.

Deciding on new technology is never easy but the visitors to the show had a few guiding principles – ease of use, lower cost and improved productivity. Any technology that could deliver on those 3 items was worthy of their consideration. The Anvil! doesn’t just deliver on those criteria, it over delivers!
Emboldened by the great feedback at the show, our development team are now hard a work to further enhance our high availability platform which will make it an indispensable part of the organization of the future.