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On The Road To Autonomous Operation

By 15 June 2018November 14th, 2023No Comments

Tesla have been at forefront of raising public awareness for autonomous vehicles. Recently, the company announced that its next software release will enable the Full Self-Driving features of autopilot. This feature set is a core part of Tesla’s single minded pursuit to transform the automotive industry through technology.

The company has created a legion of fans through the vision of their founder Elon Musk and their unwavering focus on technological enhancements. Owners, prospective owners and other interested parties anxiously await news on the latest updates and breakthroughs.

We well know the kind of development work that’s gone into this feature set and the kinds of opportunities/challenges that it presents.

Where Tesla has pioneered self-driving cars, we’ve been first to market with self-driving IT infrastructure. Where Tesla has the Model X, we’ve got the Anvil!™ – a model for all other server platforms to follow. Our platform thinks and acts for itself. The Anvil! offers complete stack redundancy combined with intelligent software to autonomously manage fault detection and correction. And it does all this without any human interaction.

The Anvil! is different by design. We designed it from the ground up to deliver a superior level of uptime, lower the cost of ownership, simplify system administration and offer flexible deployment options.

We built the Anvil! on the principles of Intelligent Availability®. It’s the evolution of high availability and it closes all the gaps in traditional systems to ensure that your infrastructure is configured for optimal performance in mission critical IT environments.

The system hardware alone is impressive enough – there’s 2 of everything from the power up to the nodes; and the whole platform is built on COTS hardware. But it’s really the ScanCore software that sets the Anvil! apart from the field. ScanCore puts the intelligence in Intelligent Availability®. The software makes the system self-managing and is fully integrated with the redundant hardware stack and resilient storage to keep applications always available. It automates critical tasks such as monitoring, mitigation response and recovery.

Agile, open and software-controlled systems such as the Anvil! are paving the way for other autonomous technologies. Don’t take your eyes off the road or Alteeve. We’ve seen the future of technology and it’s autonomous.