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Report: Higher Costs and Market Headwinds Affecting Cloud Storage Spending

By 15 November 2022November 13th, 2023No Comments

This informative report by Wanclouds, referenced in the following article by Venture Beat, is quite interesting because it comes from a cloud services company. It provides insight on a few of the key concerns surrounding cloud services; namely cost, complexity and management/maintenance. They are important points to consider when moving to (or away from) cloud services.

These and (many) other key factors must be considered when deciding what is best for your organization’s ITC infrastructure requirements.

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Venture Beat Article:

Report: 81% of IT teams directed to reduce or halt cloud spending by C-suite.

“According to a new study from Wanclouds, 81% of IT leaders say their C-suite has directed them to reduce or take on no additional cloud spending as costs skyrocket and market headwinds worsen. After multiple years of unimpeded cloud growth, the findings suggest enterprises’ soaring cloud spending may tempered as talks of a looming downturn heat up.”

As organizations move forward with digital transformations they set out on at the beginning of the pandemic, multicloud usage is becoming increasingly unwieldy, and costs are difficult to manage across hybrid environments.”

To read the rest of the article, click here.