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The Anvil! – Monitored, Managed, Protected

By 29 May 2019November 14th, 2023No Comments

Intelligent Availability®

We have created a new reliability standard – Intelligent Availability®. Most organizations are not fully protected by traditional high availability systems which are reactive, often rely on human intervention and are not fully redundant. Intelligent Availability® bridges the divide to close these gaps, improve hardware reliability and protect server uptime.

The Anvil! combines resilient architectural design with intelligent decision making software to provide autonomous operation and server protection with minimal staff intervention. By making intelligent decisions about the platform’s health and environment, the Anvil! proactively protects its hosted servers against changing threat conditions.

Other devices and equipment in the network or production environment can also be monitored, managed and protected by the Anvil! This significantly improves the reliability and uptime of servers and other critical equipment while reducing IT overheads.

System Architecture

Entire system designed for resiliency with top to bottom redundancy.

ScanCore Software

Decision engine analyzes system status data and makes intelligent decisions that ensure server uptime.

Striker User Interface

Simplified system management via browser – based GUI.


ScanCore is the brain of the Anvil! and is designed to operate autonomously. High resolution monitoring scans hundreds of data points through the entire Anvil! platform. The software analyzes this data to determine the health of the environment and the platform. ScanCore proactively and continuously adjusts to protect the servers against downtime or data loss from changing hardware and environmental threat conditions.

By continuously monitoring and comparing the health of each node, ScanCore ensures that the servers are always running on the healthiest node. Servers running on a node that is less healthy or experiencing some other threat condition will automatically be migrated to the healthier node.

The software proactively protects against environmental threat conditions as well. When a power loss, thermal event or similar threat condition is identified ScanCore will proactively shed load to extend server uptime. ScanCore’s self-healing will automatically bring the Anvil! back to normal operation when the threat condition is removed.

All critical events generate alert notifications to Alteeve as well as the client for review and action. Events can also be logged for future reference.

Another important benefit of ScanCore is its ability to poll other third party equipment and act on the data to protect that equipment from changing threat conditions.


Simplified management is provided through the Striker dashboard and browser-based user interface; allowing users to easily monitor and manage nodes, cluster resources and virtual machines. Only minimal IT expertise is required, freeing up IT resources.

System Architecture

The entire system is designed for resiliency with complete, top-to-bottom redundancy of all platform hardware. This includes the power, networking and management layer; important components often missed by other systems. Dual nodes take advantage of internal software-defined replicated storage to ensure servers and data survive even catastrophic node failures. Separate dedicated redundant networks ensure continuous communications and real time data replication. Even power is protected with redundant managed UPSes and PSUs.

The Anvil! Intelligent Availability® Platform

Intelligent Availability® makes the Anvil! a reliable and stable server platform that is easy to deploy, effortless to monitor and simple to use. It provides autonomous, continuous operation for business/mission critical servers and any other critical equipment. The Anvil! delivers the enterprise class performance, protection and resiliency that today’s organizations demand.