Intelligent Availability Professional Services

Anvil - High Availability Professional ServicesIntelligent Availability is a disruptive change to traditional High Availability system design.  Alteeve has created a new playing field and set new rules.  Our Professional Services Team provide a full band of comprehensive and cost-effective Intelligent Availability training to help you configure, deploy and maintain your own Intelligent Availability solution.  Training can be held on site at one of our facilities or on-site at your location.

With so many advanced features to maximize delivery of services, our training helps administrators and others to harness the power and promise of Intelligent Availability.

You’ll be briefed on:

  • Legacy, technology and productivity reasons for migrating to Intelligent Availability
  • Improvements of Intelligent Availability over High Availability
  • Innovations available through adoption of Intelligent Availability technology
  • Other benefits available through migration to Intelligent Availability

Access is available to our support team through our subscription and other support models.

Contact us to find out how Alteeve can help with your High-Availability consulting and support requirements.

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