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The Data Centre

Demands on the modern data centre – especially for services delivery – mean that legacy infrastructure can no longer keep up. The infrastructure reliability level has to match the needs of the services the data centre is supporting. Data Centres require platforms that can not only meet the resource levels that are required by the workloads, but can adapt resources in real time to meet changes in the workloads’ needs.

Forces such as cloud, mobile, big data and social media continue to impact organizations with unprecedented speed, requiring enterprises to become more agile.

Older and more rigid data centre infrastructures are less able to provide value, putting the organization at a competitive disadvantage. To keep pace, data centres will need to support an ultra-agile infrastructure by leveraging technology such as the Anvil! with Intelligent Availability®. It eliminates the need for most-all stack administration requirements allowing users to focus on their business applications while the Anvil! takes care of the rest.