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On Premise

Light Manufacturing: Software that controls machines that cut, grind, polish or assemble products. Places where you are running flat out and can’t afford any downtime costs such as lost sales, lower productivity or dissatisfied customers.

Bottle Filling Line: Automatic bottle filling lines have rinsing, filling, capping, labelling and packaging processes that must work in harmony. Server platforms support these processes with integrated monitoring, fault identification and control of the line. A hardware failure can bring down the whole line, causing production to stop.

Parts Inspection: Some manufacturing activities demand high precision parts that must first undergo detailed inspection to check for surface defects, etc. Automatic parts inspection uses machine vision systems programmed to analyze specific defects. Servers support these machine vision systems. Any downtime would be costly.

Computer Numeric Control (CNC): CNC manufacturing uses computers to control machine tools such as lathes, routers and grinders. A networking equipment platform supports the related hardware and software for machine data collection and for network-enabled equipment in the factory. In a competitive and increasingly commoditized industry, CNC manufacturers need a productivity edge and can’t afford any downtime.

Financial Services: Technology is transforming the access to and delivery of financial services. The pace and volume of processing, transactional and administrative transactions is accelerating. Financial Services firms are using a sophisticated technology strategy that allows them to capture the value in an Intelligent Availability® platform environment. High performance and availability come together to create and to drive the need for smarter infrastructure such as the Anvil!