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Focus on Uptime

Support and Monitoring

System and application uptime is Alteeve’s singular focus and it is at the core of everything we do. Each component of the Anvil! architecture was selected with this in mind. No single component of our platform is more important than our support and monitoring services. These services proactively protect your business-critical servers.


There is an extensive Wiki knowledge base that will answer many of your questions and guide you through the process of building your own High Availability platform. Click here to learn more.

Free 3 Month Trial – Support and Alert Monitoring

Building your own high availability cluster? We’ve got you covered! Contact us to receive a free 3 month trial of our support and alert monitoring services.

Support and Alert Monitoring Subscription

Clients with an annual subscription will receive 24×7 comprehensive support and monitoring for any interrupt situation regardless of cause until the issue is resolved.

No Contract Support

For clients who need support on an as needed basis, we offer no contract support for a low hourly rate. Simply choose the number of support hours that you require.

Monitoring and Alerts

Alteeve’s monitoring service covers key layers of the technology stack – over a hundred system life points. The platform has two independent system monitors – one on each compute node – making the monitoring itself redundant. Monitoring anticipates key system, KVM cluster, environmental (e.g. power spikes) or other resource issues. Alerts are immediately sent to both the System Administrator and to the Alteeve Support Team when critical thresholds are exceeded. The Alteeve team will connect into the cluster to quickly determine the cause and follow the issue through to resolution.

The life point data collected and reported by the monitoring service includes:

Compute Node

  • Multiple thermal sensors (indicators of failed HVAC systems)
  • Internal cooling systems
  • Power rail voltage
  • Power draw
  • Component fault monitoring

Replicated Node Storage

  • Individual drives (including read errors)
  • Member drive environment (indicator of unusual heating pattern)
  • Controller, cache and battery/flash

Cluster Stack and Resources

  • Unexpected migrations and server recovery events
  • Replication storage events
  • Unexpected cluster membership changes


  • Individual links
  • Link speed or duplex changes
  • Switches


  • Line distortion
  • Over/under voltage events
  • Full power failure
  • Battery end of life

Training Services

All of our solutions are designed to be easily deployed and simple to use. As part of every Anvil! deployment, we provide you with training to enhance and simplify the management of the platform.

For those who would like more in-depth training, we offer one-on-one or group instructor-led training (either at our facilities or on-site in USA/Canada) on our Anvil! Intelligent Availability® platform. Our trainers help you to quickly gain the skills and knowledge needed to manage the platform.