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The entire purpose of an Anvil! system is to be able to survive failures, of course.

However, that's only half the story.

During the "Pre-Flight Checks" part of the tutorial, we covered how to test and recover from failures in the foundation pack.

Here we will recover from a destroyed Striker dashboard. It's surprisingly simple.


Replacing or rebuilding a Striker dashboard is exactly like the original build process.

We will enable the surviving peer's "Install Target" feature, the network boot the replacement dashboard and perform a stage-1 install.

Next, we will update the striker-installer.example file to suit our needs and then perform the stage-2 install

Template note icon.png
Note: If you have changed the password to your Striker dashboard, be sure to use the new password in 'striker-installer.example'.

That's it!

When the rebuilt Striker comes up for the first time, the peer dashboard(s) and all nodes will perform a resync automatically, just as if a normal dashboard had been off and was turned back on. You might notice that ScanCore is a little slow during this time, but wait a few minutes for things to settle out and everything should return to normal operation.

Pretty easy!


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