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This aims to cover all options usable in RHEL 6's cluster.conf. Some options are only available when certain packages have been installed. The cluster.conf found in cluster 3.1 and newer is fairly significantly changed. The entries here may or may not apply to any version of cluster passed 3.0.

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Warning: Always validate your cluster.conf by running ccs_config_validate!

The cluster.conf file is a simple XML file. As such, values can be attributes of elements or children of other elements.



Everything in the cluster.conf file will exist within the cluster element. That said, the resource-agents and fence-agents and provided by their respective packages and will be documented separately below. All the of sub-elements documented in this first cluster section control the core cluster elements.

The cluster.conf file must always start with <?xml version="1.0"?>.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cluster name="an-cluster-A" config_version="1">
	<!-- content -->

cluster attributes

The opening cluster element has two attributes, both of which are required.

cluster attribute 'name'

This attribute sets the name of the cluster. The value must be unique among all clusters on the same network.

cluster attribute 'config_version'

This attribute sets the version of the cluster.conf. This value must be incremented prior to distributing an update to the cluster. All nodes must have matching cluster.conf files, with matching config_version values, in order to join the cluster.

cluster - cman

The cman element has many optional attributes available. Each will be discussed in the following sections.

Collectively, the cman section controls cluster-wide behaviour,

cman attribute 'two_node'

This allows you to effectively disable quorum in two-node clusters. Normally, the failure of one node in a two-node cluster would be enough for the survivor to become inquorate.

cman attribute 'expected_votes'

cman attribute 'upgrading'

cman attribute 'disallowed'

cman attribute 'quorum_dev_poll'

cman attribute 'shutdown_timeout'

cman attribute 'ccsd_poll'

cman attribute 'debug_mask'

cman attribute 'port'

cman attribute 'cluster_id'

cman attribute 'hash_cluster_id'

cman attribute 'nodename'

cman attribute 'broadcast'

cman attribute 'transport'

  • udp
  • udpb
  • udpu
  • rdma

cman attribute 'keyfile'

cman attribute 'disable_openais'


cluster - totem

cluster - uidgid

cluster - quorumd

cluster - fence_daemon

cluster - fence_xvmd

cluster - dlm

cluster - gfs_controld

cluster - group

cluster - logging

cluster - clusternodes

cluster - fencedevices

cluster - rm

cluster - clvmd

Element definitions

cluster - Resource

cluster - Fence



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