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(Carl Sagan Tribute)
(Carl Sagan Tribute)
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[playlist was removed, sad trombone]
[playlist was removed, sad trombone]
= Projects =
* [[Open Sailing]]

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 AN!Wiki :: Digimer

Digi, in a tree!
Digi, being a mer.
Digi, by a fire.
My digital persona, done by HelloHeath. :)


[edit] Me!

Digimer is the main person behind AN!Wiki.

[edit] Who?

I've been a geek since I was a wee one and skipped church to play on my friend's shiny new C= 64.

[edit] And now?

Today, I design and develop programs for high-availability clusters, called Anvil! systems. That and admin systems (can I say I am a sysop or would that show my age?). Specifically, I program in Perl. It's a sufficiently bent language that I feel right at home with it.

[edit] With Whom?

I am lead developer and co-founder of Alteeve's Niche! Inc., a Toronto, Canada based company that makes totally open source, high-availability clusters. You don't have to buy our cluster though; we've written a tutorial showing you how you can build the same thing yourself!

[edit] MOAR!

If you want to know more about me, fire me an email (look below). I can't promise deep conversation but hey, I love (actual) email as much as the next person.

[edit] CV (That's Latin!)

Digimer is one of the founders of Alteeve's Niche! Inc., and is thus gainfully employed and not looking for work. If you want to hire her, buy an Anvil!. :D

[edit] PGP Key

pub   4096R/70A0FE88 2012-07-16
      Key fingerprint = 5CF5 68EF 8C91 C346 E2CC  C05B 92F5 47B4 70A0 FE88
uid                  Madison Kelly (Lead Engineer, Alteeve's Niche!) <mkelly@alteeve.ca>

[edit] Awesome Sagan Moment

This man is one of my heros. Image by [Thomas H. Buchanan http://www.pictorialartsjournal.com].

[edit] Carl Sagan Tribute

This amazing tribute series was created by Callum C. J. Sutherland

[playlist was removed, sad trombone]

[edit] Projects


Any questions, feedback, advice, complaints or meanderings are welcome.
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