Install M2 on Stock Minimal CentOS/RHEL Install

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 AN!Wiki :: How To :: Install M2 on Stock Minimal CentOS/RHEL Install

This is meant to show how to install the Striker dashboard and Anvil! nodes using machines with generic EL6 minimal installs. This is needed in some cases, like when installing on UEFI machines.


Partitioning Storage

Please partition your system without a dedicated /home partition. The default leaves only 50 GiB of space for the root partition, which may not be enough for logs, cache, the striker database, and the rest of the system. The recommended layout is;

Partition Size LVM?
/boot/efi 200 MiB no
/boot 500 MiB no
<swap> 4 GiB yes
/ Balance yes

Build Install Media

You will still need the install media if you want to have Striker operate as an install target post-setup.

Prepare The OS

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Note: If you're installing on RHEL proper, be sure to subscribe to RH first.
subscription-manager register --username rh_user --password rh_pass --auto-attach --force
subscription-manager repos --enable=rhel-6-server-optional-rpms

Once the minimal OS install is complete, you need a few steps to prepare for the Striker install.

If you don't have Internet Access

If you don't have access to the internet, after copying and mounting the Anvil ISO (see below);

vim /etc/yum.repos.d/local.repo
name=Anvil ISO repo

Then run:

yum -y --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=local install perl usbutils wget unzip rsync vim alteeve-repo kernel-devel kernel-source kernel-headers gcc

If you do have Internet Access

If you do have Internet access, add the Alteeve repo;

yum -y install

Install dependencies;

yum -y install perl usbutils wget unzip rsync vim kernel-devel kernel-source kernel-headers gcc

Switch to the root user's home directory, download and extract the source and copy the striker-installer into place.

Preparing ISO

If you've got an optical drive, insert and mount the DVD. If not, copy the ISO to the newly build dashboard and then mount ot.

Once copied, create a mount point, then mount the ISO;

mkdir /mnt/iso
mount -o loop /root/Anvil_m2-v2.0.8_CentOS-6.10.iso /mnt/iso/
Template note icon.png
Note: If you insert the DVD into an optical drive, use /mnt/cdrom in the steps below.

Install Striker

Run the installer.

Template note icon.png
Note: Change the options to suit your environment. Run: ./striker-installer --help to see options.
Template note icon.png
Note: The --source switch is required for these types of installs.
/mnt/iso/striker/tools/striker-installer \
 --source /mnt/iso \
 -i,dg=,dns1= \
 -b \
 -c Alteeve \
 -n \
 -p \
 --router-mode \
 -u admin:Initial1 \

From here, the install should proceed normally.


Any questions, feedback, advice, complaints or meanderings are welcome.
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