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This is the Live OS option files used in the PXE server tutorial.

# These are Live boot options, that is, operating systems that are meant to run
# in memory and not touch the underlying storage. These are very useful for
# problem solving and data recovery.
LABEL f14_x86_64_live
        MENU LABEL ^1) Boot Fedora 14 x86_64 Live (No changes to host OS)
        KERNEL boot/f14_live/x86_64/vmlinuz
        APPEND initrd=boot/f14_live/x86_64/initrd.img
LABEL f14_i686_live
        MENU LABEL ^2) Boot Fedora 14 i686 Live (No changes to host OS)
        KERNEL boot/f14_live/i686/vmlinuz
        APPEND initrd=boot/f14_live/i686/initrd.img


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