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All Runtime, No Downtime

The Anvil!: Elevating Optical Lab Uptime with Alteeve’s Intelligent Availability Platform

Complete Hardware Redundancy

A comprehensive redundant hardware architecture eliminates any single point of failure in the entire hardware stack.

Lower IT Overhead

No software licensing fees, reduced administration costs and utilizes standard (COTS) hardware.


The system works autonomously, freeing up the IT team for more value added projects.

The Anvil! is available as both a deliverable drop-in solution and DIY. To learn more about the Anvil! technology and build tutorial click below.

“The thing that stood out about The Anvil! was the redundancy and fault tolerance. Just seeing that was incredible. We have had zero downtime due to hardware failure - none.”

Anvil! Software

Alteeve 24×7 Global Support

Complete System Redundancy

No License Fees and No Hidden Costs