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Continuous Data Availability

IT teams in the diagnostic imaging industry can depend on the Anvil! to keep services and applications running instead of spending time on system administration and infrastructure management.

Zero Downtime Computing

Everything keeps running smoothly even if a hardware component fails. The hardware has backups and the software is set up to handle any issues without causing long disruptions.

Self-Managed, Autonomous Operation

The Scancore software continuously monitors the system’s health status, autonomously making decisions and executing preemptive measures to safeguard system uptime, all without requiring human intervention.

Meet compliance requirements for data protection and reliability.

Easily Scale to Allow for Changing Organizational Requirements

Add components as needed during times of growth.

The Anvil! is available as both a deliverable drop-in solution and DIY. To learn more about the Anvil! technology and build tutorial click below.

“The Anvil allows us to provide a highly available, secure, scalable and cost-effective service to our healthcare network clients.”

Jukka KorkiakoskiProject Manager

Anvil! Software

Alteeve 24×7 Global Support

Complete System Redundancy

No License Fees and No Hidden Costs