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How you configure your foundation pack, Striker dashboards and Anvil! nodes will depend on what brand and model of equipment you purchased. Here we have guides for the various components that we have experience with.


Foundation Pack


APC SmartUPS With AP963x Cards

Switched PDUs

APC AP79xx

So far as we know, this tutorial should apply to all AP7900 series PDUs.

Configuring an APC AP7900

Raritan PX2-5260A4R

So far as we know, this tutorial should apply to most Raritan PX2 series PDUs.

Configuring a Raritan PX2-5260A4R

Ethernet Switches

Configuring Brocade ICX-Series Ethernet Switches

Striker Dashboards

Anvil! Nodes

Rack Configuration

This is the typical dual-Anvil! node pair load out in half rack systems.

NetShelter SX 24U
24 -- 24
23 -- 23
22 -- 22
21 -- 21
20 Shelf 20
19 an-a01n01 19
18 18
17 an-a01n02 17
16 16
15 an-a02n01 15
14 14
13 an-a02n02 13
12 12
11 an-switch01 11
10 an-switch02 10
9 <network cables> 9
8 an-pdu01 8
7 <power cables> 7
6 an-pdu02 6
5 <power cables> 5
4 an-ups01 4
3 3
2 an-ups02 2
1 1
Template warning icon.png
Warning: In areas prone to flooding, move everything up 2U. This will give you an extra 89cm of ground clearance before rising waters would hit the bottom UPS.
Template note icon.png
Note: Be sure to set the PDU rack ears in their half-way back position so that they are recessed back from the rails. This provides clearance for the cable tray and loops.

We've found that putting a 1U space below each PDU makes it a lot easier to tie off cables to the management rail, give room for the loop and ease access to the plugs. Cables going to PDU 01 are routed through U7 and the cables going to PDU 02 are routed through U5. The network cables are routed through U9.

The Striker dashboards are placed on the shelf and their cables route to the left, between the front and back rails. This configuration allows the shelf to be extended without resistance from the cable harness.

If physical security is not a concern, a monitor, keyboard and mouse are placed on the top of the rack and routed through the top cable race down into the rack. This allows the rack to act as a standing desk when direct access to the Striker dashboards is needed.


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