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An array, in programming terms, usually refers to an indexed collection of elements. The index is usually numerical, with each element being added increasing the index count and each removal of an element reducing it. Generally there is no direct relation between an index position and which element it points to. An entry in an array may move around within the array as the array itself is modified.

  • Arrays are generally faster than dictionaries/hash tables.

Arrays are often expressed as:

  • Creating an array with four elements:
array=("first_element", "another_element", 12, "30.5")
  • Retrieving the first element:
print array[0];    # Prints "first_element".
  • Removing the first element, then reprinting the first element.
shift array;       # Shift the first element off the array, shortening the array by 1.
print array[0];    # Prints "another_element" now, because "first_element" has been removed.

In Perl, arrays are preceded with the '@' symbol.


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