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File system used on Commodore64-compatible 1541 and 1581 drives.

External Resources

Dan's 8-bit Commodore Information

From: http://www.npsnet.com/danf/cbm/

 File Transfer
 Are you looking for a way to transfer files between your C64 and a PC? If you are running Linux and have a 1581
 disk drive, use cbmfs, an installable read-only filesystem module for Linux. Download it from my software page.
 With a 1541 drive, you can read and write MS-DOS disks if you install a jumper in your 1541 and use the 1541-dos
 package. With a 1571 drive and a C128, just use Craig Bruce's Little Red Reader, documented in Hacking
 magazine, issues four and five.
 Other methods are mentioned in the comp.emulators.cbm FAQ.

CBMFS v0.3

cbmfs, an installable Linux kernel module implementing a read only Commodore 1541/1581 filesystem for Linux versions 1.1.86 through 2.0.39. David Weinehall has modified cbmfs to work with the 2.2.x series of kernels.

Patch to Linux Kernel 2.2.12

David Weinehall cbmfs patch for Linux 2.2.12.


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