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GFS2 is an acronym for Global File System version 2. It was initially released under SGI's IRIX operating system as open source software. For a while, a commercial company call Sistina Software closed the source code and forks of the last open version was made called OpenGFS. Red Hat went on to acquire Sistina and re-released GFS under the open source license. GFS2 Was released as a part of the Linux 2.6.19 kernel and later became available in Red Hat Enterpise Linux version 5.3.

GFS2 can be used on any storage device accessible from multiple machines at the same time. This is usually a SAN device, but can be based on DRBD or other technologies. GFS2 requires a cluster locking system for use by multiple nodes at the same time. This is usually provided by DLM, part of Red Hat's cluster suite.

For a full history and more details, please see the Wikipedia article.


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