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Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks.

This is a collection of storage devices (traditionally platter-based hard drives) used together in one of 6 base "levels" to provide redundancy. RAID level 0 is not a true RAID level, but is often referenced and thus worth noting. It is not, however, redundant.

  • RAID0 - Striping only, NO redundancy (not a true RAID level)
  • RAID1 - Mirroring only.
  • RAID2 - Proprietary RAID level that is rarely used and largely redundant thanks to error-correction on modern storage devices.
  • RAID3 - Parity and Striping, dedicated parity disk, large block sizes.
  • RAID4 - Parity and Striping, dedicated parity disk, small block sizes.
  • RAID5 - Parity and Striping, parity evenly distributed across all member drives.
  • RAID6 - Same as RAID5 but with 2x parity.


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