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Warning: This is *very* much a work in progress and not at all stable or finalized.

This is the API for writing "Scan Agents" for the ScanCore alert system.


The term "should" indicates a recommended but optional implementation scheme.

The term "must" indicates a required implementation scheme.

Agent File Name

All agents must be stored under the directory 'ScanCore/agents/. Each agent should be in it's own subdirectory, named after the agent itself. The agent's name must start with "scan- followed by a descriptive name that would allow a reader to determine the purpose of the agent. Additional data, like an XML "strings" file and SQL "schema" file should have the file names scan-foo.xml and scan-foo.sql, respectively.


File Type Purpose Note
ScanCore/ Directory The directory where ScanCore is installed.
ScanCore/scan-foo/ Directory The directory where the scan-foo agent is installed.
ScanCore/scan-foo/scan-foo File (script) The scan-foo agent itself. Must be executable!
ScanCore/scan-foo/scan-foo.xml File (XML) The strings specific to the scan-foo agent.
ScanCore/scan-foo/scan-foo.sql File (SQL) The SQL schema that will be loaded into the ScanCore databases and then used by the scan-foo agent to record information about 'foo' system it monitors.

Agent Exit Codes

Return Code Reason
0 Agent successfully scanned one or more devices.
1 Agent did not find anything to scan (hardware not found or application not installed/found).
2 Agent failed to make a required system call. See log file for details.
3 Agent failed to read a critical file. See log file for details.
4 Agent failed to write to a critical file. See log file for details.
99 Agent exited with an undefined exit code. This is interpreted as a broken agent.
100 ~ 199 Reserved for Agent-specific exit codes. ScanCore treats these as "failed to run".
255 The scan agent failed to run at all. This is usually caused by an agent written in an interpreted language failing to compile.


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