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Syslog is used to collect and print or record system messages sent from an array of daemons and devices.


A syslog facility is a tag that can be used by the syslog daemon to route log messages to various places like a console, a file or another syslog server. Most applications should use local0 through local7 if they don't directly match an existing facility name. The recognized syslog facilities are:

  • auth
  • authpriv
  • daemon
  • cron
  • ftp
  • lpr
  • kern
  • mail
  • news
  • syslog
  • user
  • uucp
  • local0
  • local1
  • local2
  • local3
  • local4
  • local5
  • local6
  • local7


Sometimes also called "level", this tells the syslog daemon what log level the message has been assigned. The priority is a hierarchy and messages with a priority below a given level will usually be ignored. The priorities are, in order of importance starting with the highest priority levels:

  • Emergency
  • Alert
  • Critical
  • Error
  • Warning
  • Notice
  • Info
  • Debug

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