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 AN!Tools :: AN::Tools :: Test AN::Tools::Alert


#!/usr/bin/perl -Tw
# This is the test script for the AN::Tools family of modules.

use AN::Tools 0.0.001;
my $an=AN::Tools->new();

# Make sure that $parent matches $an.
my $parent=$an->Alert->parent();
is($an, $parent, "Internal 'parent' method returns same blessed reference as is in \$an.");

# Make sure that all methods are available.
my @methods=("parent", "error", "no_fatal_errors", "_error_string", "_error_code", "_set_error", "_set_error_code", "_nice_exit");
can_ok("AN::Tools::Alert", @methods);

# Make sure that I can turn fatal errors off.
is($an->Alert->no_fatal_errors(), 0, "no_fatal_errors(); fatal errors are enabled by default.");
is($an->Alert->no_fatal_errors({set=>1}), 1, "no_fatal_errors(); fatal errors were turned off.");
is($an->Alert->no_fatal_errors(), 1, "no_fatal_errors(); fatal errors stayed off.");
is($an->Alert->no_fatal_errors({set=>0}), 0, "no_fatal_errors(); fatal errors were turned back on.");
is($an->Alert->no_fatal_errors(), 0, "no_fatal_errors(); fatal errors stayed on.");

# I can't trigger a real error at this time (a real one will be triggered in
# 't/Math.t'). For now, I will test the internal methods directly.
is($an->Alert->_error_string(), "", "Internal method '_error_string' is blank to start.");
is($an->Alert->_set_error("Test Error"), "Test Error", "Internal method '_set_error' manually set to 'Test Error'.");
is($an->Alert->_error_string(), "Test Error", "Internal method '_error_string' is now 'Test Error'.");
is($an->Alert->_set_error(), "", "Internal method '_set_error' manually cleared.");
is($an->Alert->_set_error(), "", "Internal method '_set_error' is still clear.");


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