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 AN!Wiki :: Privacy policy

Information about you, such as your IP address and web browser (as reported to this server), are logged indefinitely. This information is parsed to generate reports on this server's access. These reports are, in turn, used to help better understand the website's user base, system requirements and to satiate simple curiosity.

If you register with this website's software, your email address will also be collected. This is used to ensure that you are, in fact, sentient and to send you notifications as set in your preferences.

Gathered information is stored on a server under the jurisdiction of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The server itself is wholly owned by this website's owner. The information on this server will never be sold, shared or otherwise made available to anyone not directly affiliated with this website. Alteeve's Niche! has no partnership agreements, has no affiliation with any advertising networks and is, generally speaking, of interest no one really.

Should a third party ever request access to the logs on this server, they will be made available only after the officials have presented the owner with a valid warrant. In such a circumstance, only the minimal disclosure necessary to satisfy the warrant will be provided.

Should this privacy policy ever change, all existing logs will be destroyed and the change will be clearly announced in the side panel on the right.

Should the website ever get hacked, well, I'd be sad. Further. it is not something we can control very much, as AN! makes no claim on l33t-ness. In such an event, Alteeve's Niche! and it's owner/operator will not be held responsible in any way except as dictated by law. Really though, if you're very worried about your IP address being shared, use tor. If you're worried about your browser being recorded, change it. If you're worried about you email address getting out, create a secondary account with one of the many free email services.


Any questions, feedback, advice, complaints or meanderings are welcome.
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