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= Who =
= Who =
Alteeve's Niche! is run by one person, [[Digimer]].
Alteeve's Niche! is run by one person at this time; [[Digimer]].
= What =
= What =

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 AN!Wiki :: Main Page

Welcome to Alteeve's Niche!

This page is being developed along side the AN::Tools module. This wiki is new, and will not be completed until the module itself is ready. Both should be ready be the end of the year.



Alteeve's Niche! is run by one person at this time; Digimer.


Today, Alteeve's Niche! (AN!) is the name under which some open-source software, like the AN!Tools perl module suite, are release.

In the past, AN! used to be a commercial vendor of computer workstations and servers for the local market. If you're looking for support of those old systems, AN! is still happy to help.


AN! operates out of Ontario, Canada. Specifially, Oakville and Toronto.


AN! got it's start in 1997 and it's proprietor still makes her living offering *nix programming and systems administration services to local companies, primarily Interlink Connectivity (who are totally awesome and whom everyone should hire!).


AN! and, more to the point, it's proprietor, doesn't care much for the business world. These days it's goal is to write a nugget or two of useful code and release it under open source type licenses. This motivation comes from a desire to give back to the Open Source community that has helped me and entertained me so very much these last seven or eight years.


Any questions, feedback, advice, complaints or meanderings are welcome.
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