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 Node Assassin :: NA v1.1.3

Availability of parts forced a slight change from v1.1.2 to this version:


Part List

  • Based on the Arduino Duemilanove using the Ethernet Shield for communication.
  • Arduino's digital pins #2-9 set to output through 330Ω resistors to 2x LTV-846 opto-isolators which opens and closes a given node's reset switch. Supports up to 8 nodes at the moment.
  • 74HC540E 8-Input Inverter for the status LEDs.
  • 1N4148 diodes prevent improper connection of the reset connectors by providing a closed circuit when the reset switch's +5vcc is connected to the ground pin.
  • 8x green and 8x red low-power LEDs are are paired up per circuit to show the status of each port.
  • 16x 330Ω resistors. Each Open/Fenced status LED pair's grounds are tied together and connected to ground via a resistor and the Arduino pins going through the optoisolators are tied to ground through a resistor.
  • An Arduino Proto Shield v.4 is used to assemble the components onto an Arduino-compatible shield. Given the size restrictions, wire-wrap wire is used to provide connections. It's messy, but it works.



Per circuit design:

This is the schematic for a given circuit in this design. Credit's to Mark Loit.

Protoshield Board

Feb. 27, 2010: The initial proto-board is done!

It's alive! Here ports #02 and #05 are fenced.
Same picture, different angle.
The horrible looking, but functioning, underside!

I still need to do up proper schematics. I will do that shortly.


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