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 Node Assassin :: Node Assassin v1.1.4

-=] Paradise by the Node Assassin lights [=-

The AN!Cluster unnamed assassin.


Node Assassin is an open hardware, open source cluster fence device.

It is compatible with the RedHat/CentOS cluster management suite.


The full download includes all files needed to build your own Node Assassin from commodity parts. Both downloads include everything needed to user a Node Assassin.

All Node Assassin software is released under the GPL v2.

Note: You only need to download the fence agent if your operating system is used RHCS 3.0.15 or older. Support for Node Assassin was added to the Red Hat and Fedora RPMs as of 3.0.16. Note that RHEL v6.0 shipped with 3.0.12, so this is needed there.

Type Link Size Description
Minimal node_assassin- 42 KiB Contains all files needed to install the Node Assassin fence agent. Simply run the 'install' script from the root of the directory created by extracting the tarball.
 Full Source  node_assassin-1.1.4_extras.tar.gz 19 MiB This contains the Node Assassin build images and files, the Arduino 0021 IDE and the BSchV3 programs.
Support: The fence agent has been updated to support and has been tested against Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0, CentOS 5.x and Fedora 13. Fedora 14 has native support. These distribution represent support for the Cluster Stable 2 and Cluster Stable 3. If you want to use the agent with a different distribution, please let me know. I should be able to extend support quite easily now.
Note: The fence agent has been updated to version v1.1.6. It is fully compatible with v1.1.4.x hardware.

Node Assassin

Jul. 18, 2010: The current Node Assassin; v1.1.4 Prototype B.

There are four major sections:

The NA Fence Agent

This is the FenceAgentAPI compatible fence agent for Node Assassin devices. It is a perl program consisting of three files;

  • /sbin/fence_na - The core agent called by the fenced daemon.
  • /etc/fence_na/fence_na.lib - The fence agent library.
  • /etc/fence_na/fence_na.conf - The configuration file for your Node Assassin(s).

All the details, including the source code and installer, can be found in the following article:

NAOS: The Node Assassin Operating System

NAOS is the Arduino-based software that operates the Node Assassin. You will need to edit the source file naos_v1.1.4.4.c to match your environment and then load it into your Node Assassin. Everything you need to know can be found in the link below:

Building Your Own Node Assassin

At this time, the commercial, pre-built Node Assassin is still in development. In order to get a Node Assassin now, you will need to build your own.

If you live in a big city, then your local electronics hobby shop should have everything you need. If you don't, then you can either order the parts from an online supplier or, if you wish, you can buy a kit with everything you need from us.

Note: I've released a minor update to add resistors to the node feed lines.

TNAP: The Node Assassin Protocol

Node Assassins are accessed and controlled over telnet using a custom protocol called TNAP. For day-to-day clustering, you do not need to worry about the protocol as the fence agent handles the communication for you behind the scenes. If you would like to know the details though, or would like to help improving the protocol, all the details are in the following article.

Getting Help

To get help with using or building your Node Assassin, please pop over to the AN!BBS. It's new, and looks pretty quiet, but I will be watching it closely while things get off the ground. Please don't hesitate to post and I will do my best to help out however I can.


The following link is the original page created while the first Node Assassins were being developed.


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