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May 15, 2010: I should have custom-made circuit boards in the next few weeks. Also, the current kit now differs slightly in that there are an extra 4 330 ohm resistors to make it compatible with the updated v1.1.4.1 Node Assassin design.


I am making these kits available to help out people living in areas where they can't get all the parts easily. If there is much interest, I've spoken to Creatron's owner and he will be willing to make the kits available, too. All prices here are in Canadian dollars. Shipping charges and duty will be the actual cost to get the kit to you. For shipping purposes, the box will be listed as "Educational Electronics Kit". Whether the kit is insured or not is up to you.


The kits contains three parts:


You only need to get the Arduino and/or shield if you don't have them already. I've not worked out how I will accept payment yet... I will sort that out once I see that there is interest in this kit. I will probably setup a Paypal account at first. Cheques are ok, too, but the order won't ship until the cheque clears.

Prices are:

Node Assassin Kit: $55
Arduino Duemillanove $35
Wiznet Ethernet Shield: $60

Given the nature of electronics kits, I can offer no warranty. If you have any problems, I will do the best I can to help you out.

What's In the Kit

This kit includes everything you need to build a 4-port Node Assassin v1.1.4. Including 4 signal cables roughly 1.25m (4') in length.

Contents of the Node Assassin v1.1.4 kit. Arduino and Network Shield included.

The Node Assassin v1.1.4 kit contains:

  • Arduino Duemillanove (optional)
  • Wiznet Ethernet Shield (optional)
  • Node Assassin Kit

The parts in the Node Assassin kit:

Qty./Length Description
1 Lab-Easy PADS-4 (or equiv)
1 74HC32 (High Current Quad OR gate)
1 74HC540 (High Current Hex Inverter)
1 74HC541 (High Current Hex Buffer)
3 LTV-846 (Quad Optical Isolators)
8 10mA (or lower) Green LEDs (example)
4 10mA (or lower) Red LEDs (example)
4 10mA (or lower) Yellow or Orange LEDs (example)
24 330 ohm 0.25w resistors (example)
3 0.1uF Capacitors (example)
8 5V+ Zener Diode (example)
40 2.54mm Pitch Board-to-Board Connectors, ~6mm connector length, solder type (4x4, 12x2) (example)
20 2.54mm Pitch Board-to-Board Connectors, ~15mm connector length, solder type (3x6, 1x2) (example)
1 Micro Momentary Contact Switch (example)
4 4-Position female 2.54mm pitch crimp connectors and housing (example housing, example mini-PV pin)
12 2-Position female 2.54mm pitch crimp connectors and housing (example housing, example mini-PV pin)
~1.8m (6') Black wire-wrap wire
~1.8m (6') Red wire-wrap wire
~1.8m (6') Green wire-wrap wire
~1.8m (6') Orange wire-wrap wire
~1.8m (6') Yellow wire-wrap wire
~6m (20') Black 24awg Stranded Cable
~6m (20') Red 24awg Stranded Cable
~6m (20') Yellow 24awg Stranded Cable
~6m (20') Green 24awg Stranded Cable

Note: I buy the components for each kit as they are ordered.

For this reason, I can't guarantee that all parts will be the same from one order to the next, but all parts will be equivalent. For example, a given chip may be a Fairchild or Texas Instruments, etc. I usually get to Creatron once a week, usually on a Saturday. I can usually get the parts and ship out a kit in about a week from the time the order is placed.

If you would like spare parts or extra cable, please let me know when you order your kit. I will add up the costs of the spare parts you are requesting and give you a final number before proceeding.


Any questions, feedback, advice, complaints or meanderings are welcome.
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