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LVM is an acronym for Logical Volume Management.

It is a tool that aggregates one or more real or virtual disks and assigns them as Physical Volumes (PVs). From one or more PV's you can create a Volume Group (VG). The VG acts as a pool of raw space from which one or more Logical Volumes (LV's) can be created. These LV's are, essentially, a traditional partition on top of which you can format with a filesystem, assign to a RAID device and so on.


Physical Volume; This is a raw partition from a disk assigned to be used in an LVM.


Volume Group; This is a pool of one or more PV's. From this pool of raw space, LV's are created.


Logical Volume; This is similar to a traditional, raw partition. You can format an LV with a filesystem, add it to a RAID or DRBD array and so on.


Note: Clustered LVM was used in M2 clusters, but is NOT used in M3 clusters.

When LVM is used in a cluster, it is referred to as Clustered LVM. This indicates that it has been made "cluster aware" and now relies on the cluster's DLM for safe operation. CLVM relies on the clvmd daemon to operate.


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