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Most of these articles, tutorials and talks are old. They may have historical value, but generally are not to useful anymore.

How-Tos and Tutorials
AN!Cluster Tutorial 2
How to build an Anvil!
The Open Source, Highly Availability Virtual Machine Platform. using RHEL 6 / RHCS 3 and DRBD
Jan. 06, 2014
Anvil! Tutorial 2 - Growing Storage
How to add physical storage to an Anvil! system.
Red Hat Cluster Service 2 Tutorial - Deprecated
How to build a two-node, high availability Xen cluster using RHEL 5 / RHCS 2 and DRBD.
May 16, 2011
OpenVPN Server on EL6
Configuring an OpenVPN server on EL6 servers.
Setting Up a PXE Server on an RPM-based OS
Useful in hosting clustered VMs.
Changing the ethX to Ethernet Device Mapping in
Changing network device names in:
EL7 and Fedora 15+,
EL6 and Fedora 12 to 14 and
EL5 and Fedora 11-.
Net::DBus Binding Tutorial
Introduction to using DBus in perl.
Shorewall 5 on EL7
Firewall setup using Shorewall.
A collection of short tutorials.
Talks and Papers
An Introduction to Clustering
Building a 2-Node Cluster That Solves More Problems Than it Introduces
May 11, 2010
An Introduction Perl Modules
Writing Perl Modules
An upcoming introduction to writing Perl Modules
October 29, 2009
An Introduction to 'D-Bus' in Perl
Using Perl and the Net::D-Bus Bindings Module
August 28, 2008
  Storage Technologies and Theory
Covers disk storage, RAID and loose marketting
May 14, 2002
Node Assassin
Open hardware, open source 4 node, ~$150 cluster fence device.
This has been an ongoing project since 2006. Fairly inactive of late.
An attempt to catalog and document every disk file system.
The usual stuff
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