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PXDI; Pasik's Xen Dom0 Installer, is a tool to download, compile and install everything needed to get full Xen support on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

It's designed for developers, mainly. Once Pasi/Xen gets their RHEL 6 repository working, I would advise no longer using this program.

Credit and Blame

This program was written to automate Pasi Kärkkäinen's tutorial. Credit for getting Xen working belongs to him.

If this program breaks your server though, blame me.

Source Code

The mess is here.


You can either download the script directly, or get it through git.

If you want to use git but don't have it installed yet, please run:

yum install git

Then you can pull pxdi from source.

cd ~
git clone git://github.com/digimer/pxdi.git


  • Run as root
  • Internet connection
  • The RHEL Server Optional repository enabled for your server
  • perl (no special modules, just bare perl)
  • 64-bit (x86_64) environment


To use default values, simply run the following.

cd ~/pxdi

As of v0.7, there is now a flag in the script called nodebug. If you set this to 1, an alternative .config will be used for the dom0 that will build without DEBUG=n options set. This should allow for more accurate benchmarks to be performed with respect to how final kernels will perform. The section to change is shown below.

cd ~/pxdi
vim pxdi_rhel6.pl
# Configuration stuff.
my $conf = {
        confirm         =>      1,
        nodebug         =>      1,

Save the change and then simply run the script.



This is a very young program, and likely has lots of bugs. DO NOT use this on a machine that matters. It should work, but I make no guarantee that it won't hose your machine. Please report success or failure.

It Will Appear To Hang

The install will take quite some time, depending on your Internet connection and processing power. In particular, the install will appear to pause while git is cloning and decompressing the kernel as there is no output to STDOUT during this step. It will also appear to hang while yum is downloading. This is because yum doesn't write download progress to STDOUT and I've not yet worked around it. Just be patient. :)


Any questions, feedback, advice, complaints or meanderings are welcome.
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