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 Node Assassin :: NA Hardware v1.0

This was the initial, v1.0, design for Node Assassin.

This was really pretty crappy, but hey, it worked.


This device will be based on the Arduino Duemilanove using the Ethernet Shield for communication.

  • The Arduino listens for commands on the network.
    • Take "True" or "False" to a given port with a port mapping to a relay to open or close.
  • Arduino drives a ULN2003A which in turn drives up to seven relays.
  • The 1N4148 diode is used to protect the transistor array and arduino.


A poorly hand drawn, photoed imaged of the relay-version of the board. Note that Node 5's flyback diode and the 220 ohm resistors feeding the status LED side of the relays are not there...


The relay-version of the board.
The relay-version of the board, with example output in the background.


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