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 Node Assassin :: NA Hardware v1.1.2

Note: This is more of a dumping grounds for ideas that led to na v1.1.3.

This is v1.1 of the Node Assassin hardware.

Feb. 08, 2010: New version design has been updated to use discreet status LEDs instead of the bi-colour LEDs because there was some leakage causing the isolators to momentarily trip when the controller (re)booted.

This device is based on the Arduino Duemilanove using the Ethernet Shield for communication.

It uses the LTV-846 opto-isolators to isolate the node's power supplies. I use, though it's optional, SN74LS04 inverters to toggle between two status LEDs per port.

  • Look for 0805 or 1206 resistors to save space.
  • Switch out the 2x SN74LS04 for 1x 74ABT540.
  • Swap out the 220ohm resistors for 330ohm and add resistors to the inverter-fed status LEDs.
  • Add diodes to the isolated side of the circuits to protect against incorrectly connected reset switches.
  • Use 511-1334-ND bi-color LEDs with Mark's updated circuit design.


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