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 Node Assassin :: NA v1.1.4 Protoshield Variant

This version of the Node Assassin hardware is designed to fit on the Arduino Protoshield v.4. It's a little cramped, but it fits.


Part List


  • 4x LEDs: 350-1839-ND (Bicolor Red/Green, 2x1 stack, common cathode)
  • 4x LEDs: Std. small 10mA Green LEDs


  • 4x LEDs: Std. small 10mA Green LEDs
  • 4x LEDs: Std. small 10mA Yellow LEDs
  • 4x LEDs: Std. small 10mA Red LEDs


Wiring diagram. (See below for The GIMP formatted XCF with layers)
Same design, a little uglier, using normal LEDs.

XCF Formatted Wiring Diagram with Layers

Four-port Node Assassin v1.1.4, Protoshield variant board layout. Yes, it's pretty crappy, but it gets the idea across. Most of the wiring, resistors and diodes will need to share pin underneath the PCB.
Circuit diagram for the four-port Node Assassin v1.1.4, Protoshield variant.


You will need to make custom cables with pass through connectors to properly use Node Assassin. The only real requirement is that the connector attaching to the Node Assassin be 1x4 wide, 2.54 pitch female connector. Personally, I like to run a common ground to the power button connector and then fan it out to the other two connectors. Each distal connector needs to have a male pass-through connector so that you can still plug in the case cables.

Example cable made using off-the-shelf parts.


Mar. 26, 2010

Some updated pics to show that the board is coming along. As I mentioned on the front page; Unless you are very comfortable with soldering or really want to use the protoshield for space reasons, build the full sized version. This is so densely packed that it's taking a lot longer than it should trying to finangle up to three connections into some pads...

Mar. 26, 2010: Build progress, top side.
Mar. 26, 2010: Build progress, under side. Also known as "The ugly rats nest".

Mar. 21, 2010

I'm hoping to finish up this board and get on to updating NAOS later today or tomorrow.

Mar. 21, 2010: Build progress, top side.
Mar. 21, 2010: Build progress, under side.


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