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Anvil! DR Host

Protect your business operations with next level data protection and disaster recovery. The Anvil! DR Host is an extension of Alteeve’s Intelligent Availability® technology and is fully integrated into the IA software stack.

This versatile system can be configured to ensure that your DR capabilities match your unique business continuity requirements.

An extension of the Intelligent Availability® technology

The Anvil! DR Host can be located on-prem, on-campus, in a dedicated DC or in the cloud, making it a highly versatile solution. Its continuous monitoring, granular flexibility, and direct support access ensure that businesses of any size can rely on it for maximum protection.

The Anvil! DR Host supports both synchronous and asynchronous replication modes, as well as multiple replication methods, including automated, scheduled, snapshots and manual replication. With various recovery methods, such as full Anvil! DR Host recovery, per-VM recovery, and snapshot recovery, businesses can quickly recover from any disaster. Additionally, Anvil! DR Host provides an easy and seamless fail back process, ensuring a smooth transition from DR VMs back to production VMs.