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If you’ve considered refreshing your IT infrastructure, chances are that you’ve been bombarded with choices – keep it all on premise or migrate to the cloud.  Each solution has its pros and cons.  Understanding these differences can guide the decision to pick the solution that best aligns with your organization’s strategies and goals.

Some organizations find that they can get a step up by running their applications and storing data in the cloud.   Some of the factors that have led organizations to the cloud:  cost, agility, security and compliance are also reasons to stay on premise.   Often a move to the cloud is like one step up and two steps back.  It’s those two steps back where you could find yourself in a worse situation than when you began.  The cloud is a blind spot.   Just as you would do a shoulder check before changing lanes in your car, so should you do a reality check when changing IT infrastructure to avoid blind spots.  Despite the pros favoring the cloud, sometimes our expectations cloud our perception.

Not everything belongs in the cloud.  Businesses, governments, military and many other organizations should have some of their infrastructure in house.  Even if they’ve already started adopting cloud technology.  Though they may not realize it, these same organizations really do have the necessary expertise in house and sufficient resources to provision the infrastructure on premise.

The Anvil! infrastructure and Alteeve’s support/monitoring services provide simple, stable, trusted and available on premise solutions. The real picture of what’s the best fit goes much deeper than the cost of a new server or a year’s worth of cloud subscription fees.

Expertise and Experience

Alteeve’s development team are full stack experts in High Availability and Intelligent Availability®.  The team are internationally renowned subject matter experts and have been providing information and advice in this field since 1997.

The development team will be on site to provision, test and manage the “go live” with the Anvil!.  You don’t need any on premise IT expertise/staff to manage the platform.  Once installed, the platform is easy to manage from an intuitive browser based user interface.

24x7x365 Support and Alert Monitoring

The Anvil! scan agent – ScanCore –  operates autonomously to scan hundreds of data points through the entire platform and environment.  ScanCore proactively adjusts to protect servers against downtime.

Alerts are immediately sent to both the System Administrator and to the Alteeve Support Team when critical thresholds are exceeded. Our team will quickly determine the cause and follow the issue through to resolution.


The Anvil! can easily and cost-effectively scale-up (by adding extra hardware) and scale-out (adding more 2 node clusters) to handle a growing amount of work.


When you run it yourself, you only have to worry about yourself.  And the Alteeve support team is there to backstop/support you, 24x7x365.


Many organizations from health care to retail, finance and beyond have strict security guidelines on how data must be protected.  Using on site servers can simplify that security process.  You take on the risk yourself instead of leaving it in the hands of a third party cloud provider.


Uptime for the Anvil! is over 99.99999% on going since our very first deployment.  We publish a 30 minute SLA and strive to respond in 5 minutes or less.

Understanding Your Business

While only you can understand your business as well as you do, we too strive to learn it as much as possible.  We are partners in your success and will always recommend the best solution for your goals and strategies.


No two organizations are alike.  And no two Anvil! installations are alike.  When we deploy the Anvil!, we can do so any way you want it.

Custom Applications

If you use a custom application/operating system that is not supported by the service provider, there is no guarantee that it will work in the cloud.

Legacy Applications

Not all applications can be hosted in cloud based servers and this is especially true with legacy applications or those that have an on premise license.

Network Connection

Your network connection out to the cloud is a single point of failure.  Bandwidth, throughput and latency are just a few of factors effecting network performance.   These choke/failure points go away when you self-host on the Anvil!.

Cost of Ownership

The Anvil! operates autonomously without the need for any staff intervention.  The platform has no vendor lock-in – built on standard x86 enterprise class hardware with open source software.

With the Anvil!, you get functionality, robustness and out-of-the box thinking that clears all the hurdles to allow you to keep your IT infrastructure on premise and under your control.  The Anvil! helps you to rise above the cloud.

Our clients have many use cases for the Anvil! in the data center, on premise and in the field.  In all cases, our clients keep control of their infrastructure.  Wherever you have servers that must not fail, the Anvil! offers the perfect solution.

Learn more about the organizations across diverse markets that are leveraging Intelligent Availability® to maximize delivery of services.

The Data Center

Demands on the modern data center – especially for services delivery – mean that legacy infrastructure can no longer keep up. Infrastructure reliability level has to match the needs of the services the data center is supporting.   Data Centers require platforms that can not only meet the resource levels that are required by the workloads, but can adapt resources in realtime to meet changes in the workloads’ needs.

Such forces as cloud, mobile, big data and social media continue to impact organizations with unprecedented speed, requiring enterprises to become more agile.

Older and more rigid data center infrastructures are less able to provide value, putting the organization at a competitive disadvantage. To keep pace, data centers will need to support an ultra-agile infrastructure by leveraging technology such as the Anvil! with Intelligent Availability®.  It eliminates the need for most-all stack administration requirements allowing users focus on their business applications while the Anvil! takes care of the rest.

On Premise

Light Manufacturing:  software that controls machines that cut, grind, polish or assemble products.   Places where you are running flat out and can’t afford any downtime costs such as lost sales, lower productivity or dissatisfied customers.

Bottle Filling Line:  Automatic bottle filling lines have rinsing, filling, capping, labelling and packaging processes that must work in harmony.  Server platforms support these processes with integrated monitoring, fault identification and control of the line.  A hardware failure can bring down the whole line, causing production to stop.

Parts Inspection:  Some manufacturing activities demand high precision parts that must first undergo detailed inspection to check for surface defects, etc.   Automatic parts inspection uses machine vision systems programmed to analyze specific defects.  Servers support these machine vision systems and any downtime would be costly.

Computer Numeric Control (CNC):  CNC manufacturing uses computers to control machine tools such as lathes, routers and grinders. A networking equipment platform supports the related hardware and software for machine data collection and for network-enabled equipment in the factory.  In a competitive and increasingly commoditized industry, CNC manufacturers need a productivity edge and can’t afford any downtime.

Financial Services:  Technology is transforming the access to and delivery of financial services. The pace and volume of processing, transactional and administrative transactions is accelerating. Financial Services firms are using a sophisticated technology strategy that allows them to capture the value in an Intelligent Availability® platform environment. High performance and availability come together to create and to drive the need for smarter infrastructure such as the Anvil!

In The Field/Remote Deployment

The Anvil! system supports command, control and intelligence functions essential for successful execution of operational missions in the command/data center or in remote field applications.

Unmanned systems are now taking on the riskiest of jobs – exploring dangerous territory plus extending mission reach and visibility. While this keeps military personnel out of harm’s way, it also means that there are no staff on hand if something fails. High availability systems are perfect for these kinds of must not fail applications where the demand for uptime could not be higher.  The platform operates autonomously without need for any IT staff involvement.    And the system takes a proactive approach that anticipates and acts on problems (e.g. disk failure or power spikes) before they take server systems offline.  The Anvil! is the clear choice to provide the autonomous operation and unsurpassed uptime required for these remote (near-inaccessible) deployments.