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When it comes to reliability and support, our expectation for excellence could not be any higher. Alteeve and The Anvil! have met those expectations in delivering the reliability and support that we have come to rely on. They have proven to be experts in their field.

Ovais A. VaidVision Essentials by Kaiser Permanente

With our previous servers it was like we were driving a nice Mustang with 400 horsepower but with The Anvil! it’s like strapping yourself into a Shelby Supercharged Mustang with 750 horses! I feel confident now that our production is supported by a reliable server platform. Alteeve Is the best pit crew I could have asked for and will keep us in the race!

Mike FussellRobertson Optical Labs

We operate twenty-three hours a day for six days a week; and so server downtime can be very costly. The Anvil! platform is outstanding and the robustness of the system can withstand all of the common errors, accidents or hardware failures that might occur in a server room.

Stephen W. ClarkeNRay Services Inc

The platform is so powerful and reliable that we are able to run both of our labs off the same Anvil! All of our servers are consolidated onto the one platform that has been extremely reliable and very easy to manage. The Anvil! has prevented downtime, saved money and has made my life easier.

Bernard MichaudRiverside Optical

The Anvil! is much more reliable than other software thanks to its design simplicity and quick, intelligent, autonomous decision making capability.

Thodoris EfstathiouICT Manager, Equinox Maritime Ltd.