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Intelligent Availability®:  Where Dependability Meets Design

Not everything belongs in the cloud.

Businesses, governments, NGOs and industry must have some of their IT infrastructure in-house. Improving security or inadequate Internet access are just two of the reasons to have infrastructure on premise.

For self-hosted services, traditional High Availability (HA) platforms fall short in protecting critical services to the degree required. These HA systems require manual intervention to mitigate risk. They usually have single points of failure as well. This has led organizations to seek out more intelligent solutions focused on a smarter level of system availability.

Intelligent Availability® is the emerging technology that is setting a new benchmark for reliability, availability and maintainability. It closes the gaps in traditional HA coverage.

Adopting the following three tenets of Intelligent Availability® will deliver “always on” predictable performance of hosted applications.

1. Self-Driving Infrastructure

Intelligent software proactively and autonomously identifies and mitigates risks.

  • Eliminate Manual Intervention – no chance of human error
  • Proactive Scanning – predict and proactively mitigate against hardware or environmental risks
  • Simplify Administration – system works autonomously, freeing up IT team for more value added projects

2.  Extended Stack Resiliency

Any component must be allowed to fail including all power, networking and environmental infrastructure.

  • Complete Redundancy – top-to-bottom hardware redundancy plus 3 separate dual bonded networks.  Storage is synchronously replicated across both nodes.  Even power is redundant.
  • Proper Provisioning – ensures peak platform performance and efficiency during normal and degraded hardware operation states.
  • Compartmentalize foundational infrastructure (i.e. UPS, PDU and switch) – limits scope of outage in case of multi-component failure.

3.  Endure and Survive Both Failure and Recovery

Intelligent Availability® system services continue nominal operation during recovery.

  • Electrical and Mechanical Component Isolation – damaged components be removed and replaced all the while maintaining availability.