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Alteeve Roars Into Montreal

By 22 June 2018November 14th, 2023No Comments

The annual Formula One (F1) car race roared into Montreal recently. The race doesn’t just take place on the course. Behind the scenes there is an arms race to deliver new technology that will make the cars lighter, faster and more autonomous than ever before.

As evidenced at the iTech conference in Montreal which coincided with the F1 event, a similar technological arms race is taking place in organizations of all shapes and sizes. To keep pace with the needs of their clients – and stay ahead of competitors – organizations are investing in technology at an ever increasing pace. Networking equipment, cybersecurity solutions and cloud backup storage – to name just a few – were exhibited at iTech which attracted IT professionals from the greater Montreal area. There is a burgeoning technology scene in Montreal and visitors to the iTech show were keenly interested in what’s new in technology and what has the most potential to add value to their organizations.

Alteeve was uniquely positioned to show off its high availability platform technology. As organizations add new systems into their data centers, on premise server rooms and even into remote locations, the software applications that they run become even more mission critical. Simply put, in today’s just-in-time world, downtime is not an option. From auto parts suppliers to hospital imaging systems to cargo ships at sea, the cost of downtime – financial, productivity, reputation, etc. – is just not acceptable.

During the iTech event, our team demonstrated the key differentiating features (autonomous operation, self-healing, predictive failure analysis and more) of our high availability platform. Visitors quickly came to realize why we call our platform the Anvil! – it’s practically indestructible! We showed how the server system could survive any hardware failure without any downtime. Remove a hard drive, take a node offline, fail a network switch – visitors were encouraged to try to take the Anvil! offline. But nothing stops an Anvil!. The high availability system continued operating as normal. All that is thanks to a combination of intelligent software and a fully redundant system architecture design.

To get the next generation of high availability, you’ve got to get an Anvil!. It’s like having an F1 car in your server room. Best of all, the Anvil! high availability platform is backed by the best pit crew in the business at Alteeve.