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Customer-Defined Open Source Innovations

By 28 June 2015November 14th, 2023No Comments

Red Hat’s open source solutions power over 90% of Fortune 500 organizations. And the Red Hat Summit is the premier open source technology event to showcase the latest and greatest in cloud computing, platform, virtualizations, middleware and much more. The Summit – held annually by Red Hat – brings together customers, partners and open source contributors.

As a leader in open source technology in the high availability server platform space, Alteeve’s decision to exhibit at the summit was a key plank in its go-to-market strategy. For their part, attendees were drawn to Alteeve’s exhibit by not just the technology alone; but what they could do with it.

The Alteeve team used this event to launch the next generation of high availability which they call “Intelligent Availability®”. This turned out to be a great fit because one of the key trends discussed during the general sessions at the summit was the continued draw down from the cloud. More and more organizations are realizing that the cloud is not highly available (as evidenced by increasing number of outages at cloud service providers). In addition, issues with data security in the cloud have also led organizations to move back on-premise.

Gaining extensive, hands-on experience with Alteeve’s high availability systems technologies made many attendees want to start using them as soon as possible. And for good reason as users quickly realized that high availability technologies pay back in 3 ways:

1. Simplified System Administration. Alteeve’s high availability platform – the Anvil! – runs autonomously thanks to its intelligent software. Autonomous systems free up administrators to focus on more mission critical goals.

2. Improve Organization’s ROI. Because the Anvil! is open source, there are no licensing costs or other restrictions with using the software. Similarly, there is no vendor lock-in on the hardware as the Anvil! software runs on standard enterprise class hardware – brands you know and name you trust. Compared to other virtualization or hyperconverged solutions, the Anvil! is the clear winner in cost effectiveness.

3. Guarantee Of Continuous Operations. With uptime >99.9999%, the Anvil! is the perfect solution for imperfect conditions. To put it another way, the Anvil! high availability platform provides system reliability backed by proven technology.

Being at the summit and being able to talk directly to both Red Hat and Alteeve product and engineering experts showed attendees how to expand their existing capabilities and be exposed to emerging solutions such as the Anvil! high availability platform that they can take advantage of.