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Talking Technology in Ottawa

By 25 June 2017November 14th, 2023No Comments

The Federal Government has some of the strictest I.T. buying guidelines of any industry. Not only must the price they pay be highly competitive, but there is also added scrutiny over data security and availability of mission critical systems. When you are serving the needs of a whole country, good isn’t good enough.

It was against this backdrop that the iTech conference organizers began planning an event in Ottawa – the capital of Canada. All kinds of government agencies would be represented amongst the attendees – policing/security, accounting, military, supply services, payroll and many more. In addition, Ottawa is home to a burgeoning technology scene which attracted many exhibitors with emerging technologies who hoped to attract a new audience. Alteeve saw this as a perfect time to showcase its high availability server platform to an audience that would value it’s unique feature set and that delivered on such key buying criteria as low cost, data protection and operational continuity.

Capturing the expectations and preferences of customers – voice of customer – is a critical part of the product development process at Alteeve. Our team were reassured to learn at the iTech Ottawa event that our high availability technology is so robust that it really fits any vertical market including government.
Many new use cases were identified by our team – especially within government.

With so many more unmanned or lightly staffed missions taking place in military, the need for autonomous and simple to administer systems is most important. Alteeve’s high availability platform – the Anvil! – leverages an intelligent software to manage the system without the need for human intervention. This makes the Anvil! great for use in remote locations where a system has to run unmanned for up to 6 months at a time.

The team also talked to government staffers in critical support areas such as census statistics. Census bureau data is used not only within government to make economic policy and other decisions but planners and strategists in many industries base key decisions on the information. It’s critical that the supporting server systems must be highly available. And with uptime > 99.9999%, the Anvil! is proven reliable technology that will support any government mission be it military or a support department such as census.

When you need to pay tens of thousands of government workers, the system that runs payroll has to be resilient and simple to manage as was made clear by the payroll team we met in Ottawa. Fortunately, the Anvil! is a fortress of resiliency and is built on redundant enterprise class hardware. This fits perfectly with whatever are the preferred brands of the purchasing department and in the long run saves money compared to proprietary hardware solutions. Simple management is accomplished by the browser based user interface. All it takes is a few key strokes or mouse clicks to manage the entire Anvil! high availability server platform.

The Alteeve team met with so many highly engaged visitors – it is clear that there is a hunger for solutions such as the Anvil! that save money, are easy to use, help make big gains in productivity and that can be deployed anywhere. Adding it all up, the Alteeve team’s experience at the iTech Ottawa event showed that the Anvil! is the perfect solution for imperfect conditions.