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Vision Expo Wrap Up – All Runtime, No Downtime

By 20 September 2017November 14th, 2023No Comments

There was literally no downtime for the Alteeve team at the recently completed Vision Expo in Las Vegas.  Our team were constantly busy demonstrating and discussing our new Anvil! Intelligent Availability® platform.  Lab owners and managers were quick to realize the benefit of a server platform that helped them to avoid downtime in their lab operations.  The changing competitive landscape of the optical industry was top-of-mind with seemingly all lab attendees.  Offshore and domestic competition has been heating up which has forced labs to invest in more modern (and expensive) equipment.  Labor costs have also been rising.  This has created a perfect storm where the focus has increasingly been on improving operational efficiency.  The Anvil! delivers tremendous value to labs who typically have limited IT capabilities in house.  As a self-managing and intelligent platform which proactively mitigates the risk of downtime, the Anvil! is the perfect complement to their existing lab equipment.  It will protect against downtime and ensure that the equipment is always up and running – making eyeglasses as is its job.   The Anvil! also allows the lab management team to focus on what they do best – making eyeglasses – and not on administering servers.

Our development team also received valuable feedback about the Anvil! User Interface.  Recent modifications to the UI have made it even simpler to use – making it perfect for an environment where skilled IT personnel are not usually available.  In fact, the autonomous nature of the platform makes even the smallest administration using the UI a rare occurrence.  For the most part, the Anvil! just works.  All by itself.  Without any need for manual administration or other care.  And best of all, Alteeve’s support team have it covered 24×7 with expert technical assistance.

The pain points experienced by lab owners and managers when it comes to their IT services is not unique.  We’ve now identified that the Anvil! will create great value for many other types of light manufacturing operations.  We’ll be exploring these other kinds of markets via industry specific trade shows and events.  In the meantime, we’ve made quite a few new converts in the optical industry!