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Intelligent Infrastructure Management

Alteeve’s Intelligent Availability platform simplifies system administration for research teams.

Simplified System Administration

There is a near- zero requirement for sysadm in the infrastructure support formula, enabling the IT team to focus on supporting and managing the critical application layer.

Simplified Management

Autonomous operation and monitoring. The Alteeve monitoring service identifies issues, proactively predicting and mitigating against interrupt events.


Improved uptime so applications can run without interrupt and manage massive amounts of data.

Reduced Operating Costs

No software licensing fees, reduced administration costs and utilizes standard (COTS) hardware.

The Anvil! is available as both a deliverable drop-in solution and DIY. To learn more about the Anvil! technology and build tutorial click below.

“The Anvil's reliability, hands-free operation and simple administration have greatly improved our operational uptime while reducing and simplifying our sysadmin workload.”

Sean HurleySystem Administrator

Anvil! Software

Alteeve 24×7 Global Support

Complete System Redundancy

No License Fees and No Hidden Costs