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Are you looking for a high availability alternative to VMWare?

Give the Anvil! a try

The Anvil! is your opportunity to switch to a reliable, industry proven, high availability solution with over a decade of dependable performance. It is trusted to run critical software on cargo ships at sea, factories in industry, scientific research in universities, nuclear imaging and more.

This system goes beyond high availability to what Alteeve calls Intelligent Availability®. Most organizations are not fully protected by traditional high availability systems which are reactive, often rely on human intervention and are not fully redundant. Intelligent Availability closes these gaps, improves hardware reliability and protects server uptime. Scancore, a high resolution “brain” in the Anvil!, autonomously and continuously scans hundreds of data points through the system to determine the health of the environment and the platform. It proactively analyzes the relative health of all of the stack components and will pre-emptively mitigate against hardware and environmental threat conditions to ensure maximum uptime.

Free enterprise support for six months to assist with your POC and evaluation

This remote support can be used for any Anvil! related issues and/or training.

When you're ready,

We’ll guide you through seamlessly migrating your servers.


Why choose the Anvil!?

Open Source

An open source system such as the Anvil! has no vendor lock in or licensing fees like closed source systems such as VMWare, Nutanix, HyperV, Scale, etc. Open source software lets you download and use it on your own system, anytime, making it cost-effective, lowering your total cost of ownership.

Self- Managed, Autonomous Operation

System health is continuously monitored by Scancore software. It makes decisions and proactively executes them to protect system uptime without human intervention.

Zero Downtime Computing

Complete hardware stack redundancy and fully integrated software mitigate interrupts due to hardware failure and other threat conditions for extended periods of time. A redundant hardware architecture eliminates any single point of failure in the entire hardware stack.

Easy Installation and Management

The Anvil! is easy to install as a drop-in solution or you can build it yourself with step by step instructions. It’s also simple to manage, enabling the IT team to focus on supporting and managing the critical application layer.

Easily Scale to Allow for Changing Organizational Requirements

Add components as needed during times of growth.

24 x 7 Global Support

Our singular focus is to ensure your business continuity. To make sure that your business and mission critical servers are always available, the support team are available for technical assistance and troubleshooting 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Choose Anvil! Software

Alteeve 24×7 Global Support

Complete System Redundancy

No License Fees and No Hidden Costs

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