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Intelligent Availability®

By 26 April 2019January 30th, 2024No Comments

Running a business means ensuring that system uptime is managed and protected properly.

But what are the core technology to use when you want to guarantee system and operational uptime? It is important to implement the proper technology to ensure maximum uptime through ongoing support and an “always on” predictable performance.

Alteeve’s Niche, Inc is the industry leader in Intelligent Availability® that not only protects  system uptime but actively monitors it to detect, diagnose and mitigate against any potential hazards or hardware threat conditions.

Having worked with those that need it most, including governments and NGOs, Alteeve has developed flexible and adaptive technology to address all infrastructure levels.

1. Self-Driving Infrastructure

Intelligent software proactively and autonomously identifies and mitigates risks.

  • Eliminate Manual Intervention – no chance of human error
  • Proactive Scanning – predict and proactively mitigate against hardware or environmental risks
  • Simplify Administration – system works autonomously, freeing up IT team for more value added projects

2.  Extended Stack Resiliency

Any component must be able to fail and to recover without interruption, including all power, networking and environmental infrastructure.

  • Complete Redundancy – top-to-bottom hardware redundancy plus 3 separate dual bonded networks.  Storage is synchronously replicated across both nodes. Even power is redundant.
  • Proper Provisioning – ensures peak platform performance and efficiency during normal and degraded hardware  states.
  • Compartmentalize foundational infrastructure (i.e. UPS, PDU and switch) – limits scope of outage in case of multi-component failure.

3.  Endure and Survive Both Failure and Recovery

Intelligent Availability® system services continue nominal operation during recovery.

  • Electrical and Mechanical Component Isolation – damaged components be removed and replaced all the while maintaining availability.

The Anvil! system is constantly monitoring itself for abnormal or fault conditions through ScanCore intelligent software. ScanCore will decide and take proactive measures to protect against risk conditions without human intervention.

The system can be easily deployed anywhere and the intuitive user interface provides for simple remote management and issue resolution.

Discover how Intelligent Availability can maximize business continuity and productivity while eliminating costly interrupts due to system failures.